DJI Mavic Pro Finally Arrives

    I greeted every UPS driver for the last month waiting on my dear little friend. The small yet very powerful DJI Mavic Pro has finally arrived. The internet has been going bananas for this drone and we wanted to see what the hype was all about. The Mavic Pro, which retails for $999, is one of the worlds smallest camera drone with the capability of shooting in crystal clear 4k video at 30 or 24fps.

     This makes achieving great quality footage at not only a great price, but also without the hassle of carrying around so much equipment. This drone can literally fit in your pocket which gives it a whole new level of portability.. Compared to other drone models, the Mavic's remote is much smaller in size. As I eagerly opened the box I noticed some similarities that it has compared to the older DJI models, such as the camera, gimbal, and the same forward-facing optical sensors as the Phantom 4, which allows it to detect obstacles and avoid crashes.

      Despite the small size, the Mavic is one of the fastest drones on the market today, flying at about 40mph and promises a clear video stream for up to 4 miles. Knowing all this I had to get it up and flying ASAP. The process was extremely easy, after a software update from my iPhone, it was 1..2..3 and the Mavic was up in the air flying smoothly through the skies. The comfort when flying and the connection between remote and drone are flawless. This is the Prosumer tool of the year and now we have it available for us to shoot great quality aerial footage.

Here's a couple aerial photos taken from my flight test. 

If you need aerial footage shot in the south florida area, give us a call and well be readily available for your needs. ( larry - 9542340787 )

Thanks for reading - Preplex Team